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The Golden Rules

The Connectivity rule

The Connectivity rule

Life begins at home, so it's essential that the place you live in encourages you to make the right choices that lead to a fulfilling day, every single day. Presenting Brigade Golden Triangle, a unique mixed-use development located on Old Madras Road which comes with the promise of excellent connectivity to three vital points in Bangalore – Whitefield, M G Road and the Airport. True to its name, Brigade Golden Triangle comprises residential, offices and retail spaces, all inside a well-planned development that is designed to accommodate a well-balanced lifestyle.

The happiness rule

The happiness rule

The moment of owning a home is the beginning of
happiness for a lifetime

Nothing brings you more joy than owning the home of your dreams. The excitement of having your own living space at Brigade Golden Triangle will never wane as this 20+ acre development has surprises in store for you in every corner. So whether its your first home or an investment, you will find more moments of happiness in the place you can call your own.

The Work-life rule

The Work-life rule

Don't spend your life on the road between office and home.

At Brigade Golden Triangle, there is an exclusive Signature Tower with over 5 lakh sq.ft. of premium office space, so that work is just a walk away from home. If you work in the Central Business District, it is just a 30 minute drive between work and home. And for those who have to commute to Whitefield and Hoskote Industrial Area, you are only 15 minutes from your destination.

Golden Triangle Convenience Rule


Shop for what you need, when you need it.

Wouldn't it be great if home shopping always gets done in jiffy? The proposed shopping centre at Brigade Golden Triangle provides the perfect answer to all your home needs and daily necessities. So you'll never have to get into your car and drive 15 minutes just to pick up your groceries.

The Breakfast rule


Don't miss breakfast, just because you have to catch a flight.

Brigade Golden Triangle is just a 30 minute drive from Bangalore International Airport even during the morning rush hour. So, you don't have to hurry at the breakfast table, and you don't have to worry about checking in on time.

The Sunday rule


Switch off the television, switch on priceless moments with the family.

There is nothing more joyous than sharing those fun-filled moments with your loved ones. At Brigade Golden Triangle, relaxation and recreation are options for everyone as it is equipped with recreational and sports amenities. Take your Sundays to the swimming pool or the outdoor sports areas, rejuvenate your senses and discover a new zest for life.

The Green rule


Say good morning to the trees. Or if you prefer, greet them in the evenings.

The green environs that surround Brigade Golden Triangle will satisfy your need for a healthier living experience. Take a walk along the quaint walkways of the central tree grove, and you'll discover that the apartment blocks are spread out in such a away that grove of fruit trees remain undisturbed.

Apartments in Old madras road


Invest today in a golden tomorrow.

When you buy a new home today, it should come with the promise of greater returns tomorrow.Located on Old Madras Road, Brigade Golden Triangle resides in one Bangalore's fastest developing growth corridors and is smart investment for the future.

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